The Agency performs activities in the field of regional development and providing support to companies and entrepreneurs for the Rasina region.

The Agency performs the following activities:

  • Defining development priorities in the Rasina area;

  • preparation and implementation of strategic development documents for the Rasina region and local self-government and monitoring implementation;

  • Preparation and implementation of development projects in the field of sustainable development of  Rasina region;

  • preparation and implementation of projects in the field of business development and entrepreneurship;

  • providing conditions for access and implementation of projects from national and international sources of funding (EU funds, USAID programs and donations and other funds for development assistance);

  • preparation and implementation of professional training programs for the needs of development of companies and entrepreneurship, development of infrastructure and development of institutions and organizations and for improving the capacity of local self-government units;

  • implementation of training programs for potential entrepreneurs, start-ups, existing entrepreneurs and SMEs, clusters and for the development of youth entrepreneurship;

  • implementation of programs and support measures in the field of growth, development and raising the level of innovation and competitiveness of the SME sector;

  • promotion and representation of the interests of the Rasina region;

  • performing activities of inter-municipal, inter-regional and international cooperation;

  • collection, processing and publication of data of importance for local self-governments and the Rasina area as a whole;

  • business information services;


Informations regarding:

  • Starting a business and operating an existing SME sector;

  • national SME support programs;

  • Available sources of financing for SMEs (domestic and foreign);

  • Using the databases of the Regional Development Agency;

  • Legal regulations in the field of business;

  • By associating SMEs, forming and operating clusters, associations, cooperatives;

  • innovation and intellectual property protection;

  • opportunities to create business partnerships;

  • specialized services and providers of those services;

  • business and innovative incubators;

  • national regulations and strategic documents of importance for regional development;

  • Available domestic and international programs and projects in the field of regional development;

  • active and potential investors in the Region;

  • examples of good practice in the field of regional development and other information relevant to the Region;

  • other information according to the client’s request.



Standardized and specialized trainings in various areas, relevant for MSME business, start-up sector and potential entrepreneurs:

  • Training for beginners in business – (lasting two days);

  • preparation of a business plan and business with banks (lasting two days);

  • review of quality and environmental standards (lasting two days);

  • financial management (lasting two days);

  • innovation (lasting one day);

  • Export – for those who export for the first time (for two days);

  • preparation for the Single European Market (lasting one day);

  • marketing and sales (lasting two days);

  • information technology and business (lasting one day).

  • electronic business (lasting one day)

  • investment readiness (for two days);

Consulting services

Consulting services:

  • assistance in developing a business plan, financial analysis and credit applications;

  • business and financial planning;

  • providing support in the development of innovation and diagnosing the innovation potential of small and medium enterprises in order to increase their competitiveness and create new jobs;

  • checking the state of business;

  • Development of a marketing plan for SMEs.

  • preparation and application for programs of competent ministries, National Agency for Regional Development, Development Fund;

  • preparation and implementation of regional development strategies;

  • Supporting founders.


Mentoring for SMEs

The mentoring program is part of the national program for support to small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs, which is implemented according to the methodology developed in cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Mentoring program is a specific type of non-financial support to companies and entrepreneurs, who are facing certain problems in the current business or are at a crucial moment for further development.

The mentoring program is a joint work of mentors and entrepreneurs in order to find the most favorable solutions for future business. The mentor helps the entrepreneur to study the current business situation, possible problems and obstacles for further development.

Mentoring service is time limited. The process begins with a joint analysis of the current situation and problems, continues with the preparation of a plan for overcoming difficulties and cooperation in the implementation of planned activities.